The Dragonfly Effect

A brief addendum to my previous post. Here the authors of “The Dragonfly Effect”, that was mentioned in the previous video, discuss their idea behind their book and briefly describe their recipe for using social media to encourage social change. There are longer more detailed videos on youtube, if anyone is interested, they are very interesting.

Twitter’s Role in the Announcement of Osama’s Death

Attached is a video of Andrew Smith discussing the Role of Twitter in the Announcement of Osama Bin Ladens death. He describes the ability of social media to create a collective space for people to react to such big events. He also touches on the fact that young demographics get a lot of their news from social media outlets.

I am very interested in the social media phenomenon. And as I posted before, I think it is a great great asset when used for positive purposes.

Infotainment: Obama vs Donald Trump

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Donald Trump vs Obama’s Birth Certificate

By LCrosby on April 8, 2011

Donald Trump has come out guns blazing. As it becomes more and more likely that the real estate mogul and reality TV super star is headed toward presidential candidacy Mr. Trump has made it quite clear how feels about our country’s current president Barrack Obama.

In a recent interview on the Today Show with Meredith Vieira Trumps talks about what he feels is the presidents inability to run and protect our country. Trump goes on to talk about how he feels that since Obama has come into office the country’s integrity has really taken a hit throughout the world. Trump stated that he feels that the United Stated in a country that is no longer respected by leaders throughout the world.

Vieira goes on to bring up the subject of Obama’s birth certificate which Trump has been very vocal about. Since coming into office the question of Obama residency has been in question. There are claims out there that President obama was not actually born in the United States but in Kenya. Trump states that he once believed that the president was indeed a United States born citizen but is now having some serious doubts.

These doubts are stemming from the fact that the President Obama has never come forward with proof of an official birth certificate. The only documents the president is said to have come forward with is a certificate of live birth. The difference is said to be the fact that a birth certificate provides greater detail, doctors signature and witness signatures of the person’s birth where as the Certificate of Live birth does not and is an easier document to alter or fake.

As if the fact that Obama has been unable or unwilling to provide a simple birth certificate isn’t bad enough, it is also being said that President Obama’s own biological grandmother who lives in Kenya has stated that Obama was indeed born in Kenya and the she witnessed the birth. Trump who has said he is determined to get to the bottom of this two year long scandal has stated that he has people down in Hawaii investigating the birth of President Obama and that people will be shocked to find out what is being discovered.

How this whole story will turn out is still a mystery. The country who is currently in uproar over Trump’s suspicions will be waiting on bated breath to see what Mr. Trump’s people discover and whether or not he will share his finding with the rest of the United States. Only time and research will tell.

Ethiopian ‘Sesame Street’ teaches life-saving lessons

“Knowledge is key and the media is a tool to communicate those interesting messages”. This is the message promoted by Bruktawit Tigabu, the creator of the Ethiopian version of ‘Sesame Street’ which is bringing innovation on Ethiopian tv. What she wanted to achieve through early childhood education, was educating young children about issues affecting Ethiopia today.

The show is organizing in a way through which children do not even realizing they are learning something useful for their life, and education. As Tigabu says, “They’re just having fun, they’re just watching their favorite show but at the same time they’re learning about germs, they are learning about being truthful, they are learning about numbers and knowing their letters and getting ready for school.”(CNN)

They want to create a generation of children who are able to take care of themselves, and are aware of the issues of their country.”The key for development in our country is education and focus on our children, so if we have those two going together, we will have a better Ethiopia, better Africa and a better world,” she says. Just like the American version, the show uses puppets and animation to teach situation about sanitation, hygiene, the importance of culture, and honesty.

“Her work not only makes vital information about health dangers easy to grasp, but also empowers young Ethiopians, helping them rediscover themselves and their world”.(CNN)

The innovation of this program, is that its creators also try to reach those children who do not own a tv, by  either bringing the characters of the show around the country, or by creating books ,traveling road shows and community. Another major characteristic of the show is the fact that it is all in Amharic, their national language. By doing so, the show reaches over 5 million viewers every week.

The show has been noticed by the international community as well, and has recieved several awards in the last few years including the “Next Generation Prize” at the Prix Jeunesse International, which honors innovative children’s TV programs.

“That’s why we want to invest in a young mind, in children with quality education as much as possible and motivate young people to serve humanity with the best knowledge they have and equip them with that knowledge so that they can be empowered to take action in everyday struggles.”

Valeria Ciancia

Indian woman divorces over husband’s soap opera ban

During the semester we discussed in depth both the influence of the Western culture on the rest of the world, but also how much power the media has gained also in the political sphere. We analyzed cases in which a television program had a political and social impact, and actually made a difference by exposing the population to certain topics that were not discussed enough before.

On the other hand, in the story I found the situation presented is not entirely positive in my opinion. What happened was that in India a couple who had been married for over eight years divorced basically over the rights to watch a Soap Opera. Apparently, the husband was not allowing his wife to watch her favorite TV shows, and she considered the situation unfair. “From February 2005, the husband started picking up quarrels with the wife almost every day on the ground that she was seeing Hindi serials on TV channels”(BBC News). What is even more unreal was the response of the judge who stated that”not allowing the spouse to watch TV serials amounted to cruelty”(BBC News).

In the end the wife won and got the divorce and custody of their daughter who her husband is only allowed to see twice a week. Is this fair, since the only issue was a tv show? I believe it shows another side of media, and how it is affecting society, and not always in a good way.

Valeria Ciancia

Osama Bin Ladin’s Body Buried at Sea

Waking up this morning like many, my facebook and twitter were full of notifications discussing Osama Bin Ladin’s death as of yesterday. It is amazing how we are able to know so many details, half way across the world. I found this article to be quite interesting that the U.S., despite having killed their enemy, they still respected the Muslim tradition and buried him 24 hours after his death. This is only the beginning of the information that the world is going to receive about this event and we can all expect to see it across all the media platforms.

Students Come Together to Celebrate

I can see that a few other students already discussed the recent death of Osama Bin Laden but I still wanted to share a picture with you all. Above is a link to a picture of students at my home university celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden.  Never in a million years did I imagine central campus at my school to look like this. After talking with friends there, they described the celebrations “as something they had never seen before.” Since I am currently living in Italy, I’ve kept connected to what others are doing by videos and pictures on Facebook and Twitter. It is amazing how powerful and connected I still feel with other Americans by just communicating and seeing pictures like the one I shared with you all. To see so many students unified and happy together as a country the Sunday night of finals is just crazy. This morning my roommates and I found out through friends updated twitters. I felt instantly connected and found out everything I needed to know in a matter of seconds.