Idol TV show contestant unites war-weary Iraqis

In 2007, Shada Hassoon, was a charismatic and talented 26-year-old singer, who was doing for Iraq what politicians in that war-torn country have failed to do: unite the nation.
Shada Hassoon was a contestant representing Iraq on LBC’s “Star Academy,” a televised entertainment competition from Lebanon similar to “American Idol.”

“I wish upon all Iraqis abroad and inside Iraq to vote for Shada, and I wish that all of them unite, and I would like to say one word to the Arabs and the entire world that Iraqis are brethren no matter what sect or confession they belong to,” the writer added.

“We voted for Shada without asking if she were a Shiite or a Sunni,” Hicham Mahmoud Alaazami said on the Al-Arabiya Web site. “We voted for her just because she is an Iraqi.”

I think this story is similar to Afghan Star because like the Afghans, war torn Iraqis united for the sake of music. Divided Muslims came together and voted for Shada, not caring whether she was Sunni or Shiite.

posted by Rola Absi

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