Reality TV rivals divide the Arab world

Star Academy, a version of Fame Academy caused a lot of controversy when it first started to be broadcasted in 2003 on LBC, a lebanese broadcasting corporation, because man and woman were living together while taking lessons in music, dancing, singing, fashion, hair-styling and make-up. Star Academy starts with the pan-Arab recruitment of thousands of aspiring artists, who audition to become one of the 16 finalists. Aboudjerra Soltani, the leader of the Movement for a Society of Peace, said the show was a “provocation against society and attacked its moral values”. Other similar shows have flourished since then and this show, even though it is not as popular anymore, can still be seen on LBC and Satellite TV.

posted by Rola Absi

    • Ranin
    • February 15th, 2011

    This is Star Academy 6 and when it first started which was in the year 2005 I think that yes it was an issue to some Middle Eastern countries and some who opposed to it, but it did continue to do so and now it has been on for 6 years. when this show first started it was also a big deal to society, even in restaurants and caffe’s it was actually broadcasted for the people to watch. However, now it has became boring and not as many people as before watch it. In other words, it isn’t as popular as before.
    Moreover, it is not the only place which people could express their talents or where “men and women could mix freely,” there are many places, cities, tv shows, movies, programs, talent shows, and many more. there are also programs such as superstar, Arab’s got talent and other. Big Brother did close after the opening by few days because it also had no advantage; whereas, Star Academy did. In addition, the LBC which broadcasts Star Academy is a Saudi/Lebanese Company.

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