Life After Afghan Star- Setara


Viewing Afghan Star allowed me to realize the extent to which the Afghan people are limited in their freedoms and to reflect on how privileged I am everyday for such minor things that I take for granted. I cannot imagine having aspects of my life such as clothing, television, or music taken out of my control. I never truly understood the seriousness of this matter until seeing how enraged people became when Setara went against what was accepted and appropriate, by dancing on stage. The true eye-opener was the fact that her “dancing” was basically just some slight movements around the stage. This was so innocent in comparison to the dancing one would see at a club here in Rome, in NY where I’m from, or Ann Arbor where I go to school. When the Afghan people to become so infuriated with hatred towards Setara it made me wonder how they would react to seeing people dancing in the way that is socially normal in the reality I live in. The documentary ended with us knowing the Setara’s life was seriously in danger and I was curious to know how her life has been since Afghan Star. I found an HBO documentary, “Silencing The Song: An Afghan Fallen Star”, which focuses on Setara’s life following Afghan Star. While the movie is not available for viewing on the HBO website outside of the US, the synopsis section gives a nice overview on major events in her life since the show. It is comforting to know that she has moved on in a way by starting a family, but it’s very unsettling that her life continues to be in danger and probably always will be.

    • Rola Halabi
    • February 14th, 2011

    thanks for sharing this wi us!

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