Sout Al Horeya-“The Voice of Freedom”

For almost a month the world has tuned in to the revolutionary action of the Egyptian people as they joined together to protest against the autocratic rule of then-president Hosni Mubarak. For some of us, this is our first time witnessing a revolution even if from the confines of our television and laptop screens. For us outsiders, this revolution is a culmination of far removed images and videos that may or may not stir up an emotional response. For the Egyptian people, living through the fear, anxiety and exhilaration of a revolution is a cause for celebration.

A group of Egyptian musicians have taken that celebration to the center of Cairo, in Tahrir Square, the backdrop to their music video for Sout Al Horeya “The Voice of Freedom”. Amir Eid, one of the vocalists and writers of the song says, “I think this is the song of the revolution. I am so proud that we made this song about our country with our people, and I hope we can make another one in the future.”

The music video was shot during the protests and violent struggles that occurred during the early stages of the revolution. As a current viral hit, the video communicates the real-life turmoil as it occurred within the streets of Cairo. By incorporating the reality of the protests, the music video not only offers a first person narration to the rest of the world but also displays the voice that has been renewed to the Egyptian people, one of strength, perseverance and of freedom.

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