Dishing Democracy: Kalam Nawaem

So a few years ago, PBC produced a TV documentary called “Dishing Democracy,” about the Egyptian- woman’s talk show which we can maybe compare to “The View” in the U.S. except they focus a lot on real issues dealing with gender, social, and political debates. It’s very interesting because each of the ladies comes from different religious backgrounds and have diverse values. The documentary talks about media and TV in general in Egypt, with the growing popularity of satellite TV and the debates around having a show for women, and the progress that they are making for women in general as they often talk about controversial issues in their country. The show has been a great success, since first being put on the air in 2002, and also transmits internationally. It is still going strong today and they have been able to bring more and more guests onto the show, even political leaders such as Hilary Clinton last January. Egypt\’s Kalam Nawaem

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