Street Artists Plans to Connect World through Art

French street artist JR hopes to create an international public art project that will ideally get the whole world involved. The artist is known for his “photograffiti” that involves pasting giant black-and-white photos of people’s faces on walls throughout various cities. He hopes to continue plastering photo-murals on streets throughout the world but this time is asking for the help of volunteers. He is asking for people to submit meaningful photos of themselves on the website The street artist can then transform the images into large prints and will then mail them back to the volunteers. After they receive their photos, the volunteers are urged to paste the prints onto building walls in the cities in which they live.
The artist has just been awarded the $100,000 TED prize to accomplish this initiative. JR said his goal is for people to, “stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project. And together we’ll turn the world INSIDE OUT.” The TED prize is awarded to finance one “wish to change the world,” and past recipients of the honor include Bill Clinton and Bono.
Since the prize was awarded to JR, supporters of the project have reached out to the artist to help the initiative succeed. The founders of the Sundance Film Festival have said they will help fund a documentary about the “Inside Out” project while Google has said they will create an online archive of the photos.
The Huffington Post has a good article on the initiative at and the below video shows an inside look at the artist’s work. The initiative is an interesting and creative concept that will hopefully connect the whole world through art. It pays tribute to local culture as the photos depict people who live in those cities. By inviting cities and people throughout the world to participate, however, the artist is able to make the world appear smaller and perhaps more unified.

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