Global Investors Move In on African Land

Farm lands of developing African nations are being sold under the feet of farmers as a consequence of  the 2008 food crisis. These farmers are evicted and some reports even say beaten from their land in order to move investors in to improve production, but farmers say they don’t see the money or the food.  Farmers feel that they are not being represented and have no say.  Whole towns were pushed out in order to have their land sold to outside investors like China and Libya who want to produce food for their own countries. Reports say that the people will be compensated, however, farmers are countering the opposite. New type of colonialism? Is the state contributing? It seems to me that in this new global world there is no place for an agrarian society which is what most of these countries are. If the rest of the world wants to move towards huge corporate domination, does that mean everyone else has to as well?

Kassoum Denon, the regional head for the Office du Niger, accused the Malian opponents of being paid by                              Western groups that are ideologically opposed to large-scale farming.

“We are responsible for developing Mali,”he said.“If the civil society does not agree with the way we are doing                      it, they can go jump in a lake.”

The NY times article and video can be found at


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