NPR stung in US “culture war”

This story is a further demonstration of how media and policy are strictly interconnected and interfere with one another, and how a media can potentially be (or considered to be) vehicle of biased political views.

NPR is a public radio in the United States, is a non-profit organization and is widespread throughout the USA through an agreement with 797 local broadcasters, that repeat the radio in the country. However, the company has recently run out of the funds necessary to maintain the accounts of the company. Recently, the company’s need for additional funding has led to a scandal that caused the resignation of the head, Ronald Schiller, and the managing director Vivian Schiller.

In search of new funds, Ronald Schiller met two people who presented themselves as representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, ignoring that it was a farce organized to stitch him up. The two fake Islamic group members have suggested to Schiller to finance the radio with 5 million dollars. The meeting was secretly filmed, and Schiller let slip some very harsh remarks against the Tea Party, movements close to the ultra-conservative Republicans, calling them “radical, racist, Islamaphopic” believing in a “gun-toting, white-middle America “.

The trap was organized by the activist conservative James O’Keefe, a 26 years old guy already known for organizing something alike for a section of ACORN, a non-profit organization that provides the poorest segments of the population with campaigns and assistance initiatives. In that case O’Keefe filmed some of the ACORN leaders grappling with a prostitute and her pimp – actually two disguised Republicans¬† – asking for advice on how to evade taxes to pay under an installment of a loan.

The publication of the video comes at a delicate time for NPR, which is likely to see significantly reduced their public funds. The Republicans are trying to push through Congress a new measure that reduces the amount of public money in the hands of radios for their activities. According to Republicans, O’Keefe’s video shows how the radio is left-biased and that, however, opportunities to raise funds from private companies are not lacking.

posted by Francesca Gnali

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