Social Media Plays a Vital Role in Helping Earthquake Victims

      The earthquake in Japan may have shut down two nuclear power plants but the internet is still intact. Social media is playing a vital role in connecting the victims with their families.Less than half an hour after the quake, tweets from Tokyo reached over 1,200 per minute.  Some of the stories of connecting loved ones using facebook have been posted on the facebook stories page. This is a quote from one of them, “We have spent the morning doing a roll call with all of our family and friends in Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and all over the South Pacific Ocean,” reads one submission to the page. “Much faster and easier than the Red Cross or even trying to get through on the phone lines!”

      A Japanese social media company called Mixi raised 1.5 million dollars in just two days. This money will go towards a relief fund to help the victim of the earthquake. Registration requires a Japanese cell phone number–preventing anyone who is not living in Japan from becoming a member of the site. After signing in members are provided with an option to make a donation.

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