A Man Like Putin

Political songs supporting party representatives are no foreign concept now-a-days. They will be played as background music to political propaganda and be heard at political rallies. But there is one song that has transcended the political arena and into popular culture…

A Man Like Putin” is Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin’s, political song  –  and it’s being played at the discos.

Not only had the song made it’s way to the Russian pop charts but in 2009 it made it’s way into the Eurovision contest – a musical competition held every year with musicians from the European Union. A Georgian band modified the lyrics of Putin’s song to “We don’t wanna put in, the negative move, it’s killin’ the groove” making a play of words with the Prime Minister’s name whilst keeping the song’s original rhythm. The song was banned from the contest because of it’s political implications (BBC).

Putin’s song isn’t the only political song magnifying it’s subject into stardom – there has been similar songs done for Barack Obama (Yes We Can) and for Silvio Berlusconi (Meno male che Silvio c’e). In Obama’s case it was said that the President of the USA didn’t have any direct involvement with it’s production (NYTimes), whereas Putin and Berlusconi did (La Repubblica).

Still this new form of promoting political figures makes one wonder…is the line blurring between stardom and politics? And how will this affect global views of a government’s leading official?

-by: AlexKC

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