Omar Offendum Hip Hop Version of the Traditional Arab Song “Quari’at Al-Fingan”

Syrian-American rapper Omar Offendum has recorded his own Hip Hop version of the classic song “Qari’at Al-Fingan” (“The Coffee Cup Fortune Teller”) by Abdul Halim Hafez عبد الحليم حافظ. The song was originally recorded by Hafez in the 60s to a famous poem by Nizar Qabbani by the same title in which a female fortune teller sits with a young man and reads his freshly consumed coffee cup, revealing the most intimate details about his life, past and present.

Omar Offensdum keeps/recites the lyrics in Arabic at the beginning of his version but soon moves into an amazingly lyrical English translation of the poem with a great beat. The song can be found on Omar Offendum’s brand new album “Syrianamericana” (a name which clearly underlines the contamination of American pop culture with the Arab one).

Here is the original song as performed in concert by Abdel Halim Hafez on TV, followed by Omar Offedum’s song “Fingan”.

-Lara Bonalume-

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