Is Reality TV the Newest Requirement for a Presidential Nomination?

Move aside Sarah Palin, America might have an even more surprising pseudo-celebrity-politician on its hands. Donald Trump, CEO of the Trump Organization, has become successful once again with his hit reality TV show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Recently, however, the television personality has made headlines for his potential participation in politics. Trump is rumored to join other GOP candidates in the race for the Republican nomination. While several news organizations are dismissing his “campaign” as an attempt to garner support for his TV show, Trump insists that his campaign is serious. Trump, however, is not the only rumored presidential candidate with a reality TV show.
Sarah Palin’s TV show, entitled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” consists of nine episodes that aired on TLC. Her daughter Bristol, recently seen on the reality show “Dancing with the Stars,” makes guest appearances as well as the reality TV star Kate Gosselin. Viewers watching the show can see Palin up close and personal as they see Palin the daughter, Palin the mother, and, scarily enough, Palin the hunter. The show would be amiss, however, if it didn’t mention Palin’s “true” claim to fame: politics. While the show claims to be “apolitical,” Palin does not neglect to mention her own political views. For example, in one episode Palin compared the construction of the fence in her backyard to her stance on immigration policy.
Regardless of the intent behind both Palin’s TV show and Trump’s rumored candidacy, both serve as examples of how politics and entertainment are becoming intertwined. If both Palin and Trump enter the presidential race, the United States’ political environment won’t look too different from that of Lithuania’s.

This is a funny video of Lewis Black on how Donald Trump would be as President.—trump-2012

This article looks at how Trump’s celebrity status can help or hurt his chances of becoming president.–Trump-for-President-/9505058

This video shows a clip of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

posted by Casey Pladus

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