American Education in the Globalized World

        In an article on the impact of globalization on American education was discussed with Madeline Green, Vice President of the American Council of Education.        

New technological innovations have started a wave of globalization in recent years. Many critics say that American schools are not preparing students for a globalized economy. They cite a lack of language skills, geographical and cultural knowledge, and otherfactors that put them at a disadvantage in comparison with the rest of the world. Green explains that there are two main aspects of globalization with regard to education. The first is ‘global competence’; do American students know anything about the rest of the world? Are they able to work in multi-cultural teams? The second is ‘global competitiveness’; which means the overall quality of the education in comparison with other educational systems around the world.

       Green points out two important deficiencies in American education: The lack of students proficient in other languages (even though money is being spent towards language classes) and the lack of knowlesge of what is going on in the world. In an economy that is becoming more and more globalized, this is placing American students at a serious disadvantage.
   Nowadays since people are using the internet more than they read books or newspapers, wouldn’t it be helpful to teach media literacy in schools?  
Here are some interesting videos I found:
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