Conflict Minerals

SO, I saw this video about conflict minerals in a previous class and it instantly reminded be about the class discussion regarding Castells theory of global flows. More specifically, it reminded be about a specific point that Castells make in regards to the term technopoles. according to Castel, technopoles is one of the spaces where global flows circulate in, and describes the process wherein a specific region becomes hub or node for commerce according to what they specialize in. An example of such technopoles would be the silicon valley (which is where we get all our computer components from) or  Bangalore in India.

In the video, the Congo is considered a technopole in my opinion, because their main product of export are the minerals that are used to create our technical products. These minerals are Gold, Tanulum, Tin, and Tunsun. However, the main issue is that these minerals have a created a huge conflict between the armed militias that own the mines and they way in which these minerals travel outside of the country so that our laptops, phones, and TV can be created. The demand for these minerals has resulted in massive amounts of human violations and which describes the social chaos that exist in the area of the Congo.

Here is the Link of the video that does a better job of describing the issue:

In conclusion, I think that this video exemplifies how , primarily, western consumption affects the development in other countries as we continue to strive for bigger and better things. It also shows how even the simplest objects are connected to wider issues now that we live in an increasingly interconnected world.

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