Shanghai’s Super Girl

As well all know, one of the main consequence of globalization has been the export of western style/format TV shows. Shanghai’s Super Girl, like Afghan star incorporates the format of American Idol except that this show is produced and distributed in China. Which really is no surprise considering the pace that China has been modernizing itself.

This Short documentary follows one of the winners of the show: Yang Li, who explains the dynamics of the show as well a quick historical background on the growing phenomenon of reality tv shows. In particular , she states that 10 years ago it was hard for cultural phenomenons to spread throughout the country because people weren’t rich, however with the economic boom in the past couple of years it has been relatively easy for these shows to be successful because now people have access to better technology and have the money to spend on things. However, what is really interesting is how this show is only tailored for young girls to compete in. This  documentary does a well job of commentating on the issue of gender imbalances and giving a picutre of modern china.

Here are the links if you guys are interested and wish to look at it further:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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