Exploring the McDonaldization Concept

When we think about American food one of the first thoughts that might come to mind is the burger. This infamous American food is appearing more and more in other cultural contexts around the world thanks to American media promotion.

Burger King’s “Whopper Virgin” campagin, filmed in a documentary format and distributed virally onto the Internet, is an interesting example (see below).

In the advert they document an American film team that travels to certain “media – isolated” locations and makes them taste a burger. The ad was seen as highly controversial because it degraded other cultures. But it really shows the American standaridization that is ocurring in the world.

I would argue that it’s due to mass commercialism, but I might also add politics into this arguement. Until a few years ago, the United States was a super power in the world and one that imposed it’s presence on others through capitalism and political ties (if it had been soley capital power then Japan would have been the leader). The commercial and social movement of Americanization could also be refered to as McDonaldization…It somewhat reflects all of the things that McDonalds seems to embody.

And personally I find that rather scary (think Wall-E and the humans).

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