TV is Reality

The Japanese have always been infamous for their television shows. But this cartoon using a mashup of electro beats to assimilate a Daft Punk – like song seems to hit the new Reality TV phenomena right on the head.

The illustrations can be interpreted as the influence of mass media over society. While media continues to dominate our world, aspects depicted on the television screen suddenly are copied out in real life. The end result is a postmodernist world; where violence is desensitized, where media is all inter-related, everyone is connected, consumerism makes us greedy and television has a pro-war asthetic.

The cartoon ends in chaos with a telly placed ontop of the rubble. Quite significant, isn’t it?

    • idelaperouse01
    • May 4th, 2011

    Interesting look into how Arab country has become westernized and is really trying to transform its people through the news.

    • idelaperouse01
    • May 4th, 2011>.

    FREEDOM OF SPEACH!! I don’t understand why its taking this long and why there is even a question whether or not Al Jazeera english should be aired on American Networks. Its our right as an American.

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