Journalists like jokes too.

Who ever said that politics and the news had to be boring?

The White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner was borderline comedy show this year.  There was no lack of jokes about Obama’s birth certificate or Donald Trump, 2012 Presidential candidate…and owner of the Ms. USA Pageant.

President Obama cracked jokes about himself and many guests, particularly Donald Trump. The audience laughed the whole time (with the exception of Donald Trump, of course).  Seth Meyers’ jokes followed. He made fun of everyone, sometimes brutally. While funny, each speaker made good, valid points. Luckily, most subjects of the jokes had a good sense of humor.

The speeches are a good example of infotainment — mixing facts with entertainment. Many important issues were mentioned, and it definitely drew an audience! Each speaker also ended mentioning the importance of journalism. Journalists keep people, Seth Meyers included, up to date with world events. Journalism keeps the government in check by following up on issues, such as wars and natural disasters.

Meeting expectations, ABC News covered the dinner in detail, and various networks definitely followed up on some of the issues brought up…particularly concerning Trump. You can see the full speeches on at

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