Technology Redefines “Quality Time”

This is an article I found about the impact of technology on families. Instead of families spending “quality time” together, they all separate into their own technological worlds. They may be in the same room, but one is on their iPad, another sending emails, and another listening to an iPod. This is such a debated topic because although technology is revolutionary, there are some drawbacks. Although this article only talks about American families, I know this is the same worldwide. People from all over the world are addicted to their social networking websites such as Twitter and text on their cell phones 24/7. We may see the positives of technology like creating a more globalized, interconnected world. For instance, I can be in Italy and Skype with my family in California. But, we must also realize that sitting behind a computer screen all day long takes you away from human interaction. We must find that balance between the two.

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