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bollywood in China

China combines “bollywood” scenes in the film Goldstruck. India/china collaboration of both cultures coming together.  A Hong Kong based production house is all set to lauch a comedy Action film, that
will showcase culture from both nations. I think this is a great beginning for both cultures, I believe that if this movie becomes popular than more people will embrace bollywood as well as more cultures will come together.

So You Think You Can Bollywood?

In the Fall of 2008, the American dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance, had its first ever choreographed Bollywood routine. SYTYCD (for short) is a show that searches for the most talented dancers across the nation and has them compete performing various styles of dance, from ballroom, hip hop, contemporary, Broadway, and now Bollywood. Ever since the first appearance of the Bollywood dance style on the program, it has been featured in every consecutive season.  SYTYCD is an extremely popular program, so the style of Bollywood is being introduced to the American public through this entertainment format. The link below is to the first performance of Bollywood on the show that I am referring to. Pay special attention to what the judge Nigel says about the dance and about the fusion of cultures. It is especially interesting how he points out the similarities of the dance style to other styles that Americans are more familiar with, to help them grasp this essentially foreign style.

Intoducing Bollywood

In 2008, Disney released one of its Original Disney Chanel Movies, ‘The Cheetah Girls One World’. This was the third movie in the Cheetah Girls saga and in it the three main girls, Chanel, Dorinda, and Aqua travel to India to be cast in a Bollywood film. Competition ensues amongst the girls as they all try to land the main role as well as competition with the Indian dancers. In the end the three girls let another friend have the role, end up learning about India and Bollywood dance, as well as teaching their Indian peers hip hop.

While this example may seem a bit childish, it is the perfect example of counter-flows and how the East has influenced the West. It shows Hollywood meeting Bollywood in a sense.The Cheetah Girl’s target audience is pre-teens and younger children.  The movie is introducing Indian culture to these younger kids and showing them how both cultures can come together. Instead of just displaying how Western culture influences the East, it portrays just the opposite along with more of a fusion of the two. The main theme of the movie is promoting one world, hence the title, and promoting friendship and how despite their differences they are part of the same world and can share their cultures with one another. This link is from a video that the Associated Press did about the movie when it first came out, so it gives it a bit more credit.