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bollywood in China

China combines “bollywood” scenes in the film Goldstruck. India/china collaboration of both cultures coming together.  A Hong Kong based production house is all set to lauch a comedy Action film, that
will showcase culture from both nations. I think this is a great beginning for both cultures, I believe that if this movie becomes popular than more people will embrace bollywood as well as more cultures will come together.

Reality TV in China

I decided to do my final presentation and paper on reality television in China. Reality T.V. started becoming popular in China, especially the talent shows. My presentation focuses in particular on one of the dating shows, but I found some information about the talent show “Super Girl” that I thought was worthwhile to share. The show is comparable to American Idol with only females. Like American Idol, viewers call in to cast their votes on their favorite singer. There has however been controversy over the show because China is a country where the citizens are not use to voting for anything, which makes the Chinese government nervous.

Here is youtube video that gives an overview of “Super Girl”

NBA popular past-time among China’s youth

Evident especially after the 2008 Olympics in China, one of the most popular sports for Chinese youth to watch and participate in is basketball. These teenagers however aren’t following their local teams’ in China, and are instead following American superstars like Kobe Bryant and Yao Ming in the NBA. Kobe Bryant has even had the most jersey sales in China since 2007. During the 2008 Olympics in Beijing over 1 billion people around the world tuned in to watch the United States team take on China during the opener game. This is a real and current example of the power of global media. Due to technology like the internet and satellite TV, teenagers in China never have to miss a statistic, news article, or NBA game and can be just as big of fan’s of the NBA as teenagers living in the United States. The NBA has even held clinics in China to attract talented basketball players in China for over a decade. It seems as if the Chinese youth have completely abandoned the Chinese basketball league for something they find more appealing which is the NBA.  Attached is a video interviewing teenagers in China about basketball especially the NBA.

-Samantha Fink

Win in China!

The well-know format of Donald Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice” was exported to China, but – as this Atlantic Monthly article makes clear – with a set of distinctly educational and political goals in mind:

“The didactic and uplifting ambitions of the show could be considered classically Chinese, the latest expression of a value-imprinting impulse that stretches from the Analects of Confucius to the sayings of Chairman Mao. Or they could be considered, like the Horatio Alger novels of young, muscular America, signs of an economy at an expansive moment when many people want to understand how to seize new opportunities. Either way, the particular message delivered by the show seems appropriate to China at this stage of its growth. Reduced to a moral, Win in China instructs Chinese people that they have chances never open to their compatriots before—but also that, as one contestant told me at the end of the show, “The only one I can rely on is myself.”

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